Throughout your lifetime you have worked hard to earn and save your money. It is important that you have an estate plan in place that insures your assets are distributed according to your directives. There are a wide variety of mechanisms to accomplish this goal, but the first step is finding experienced legal counsel to assist you in this matter.

In the area of estate planning, there is no one size fits all estate plan that will provide for the unique needs of each individual. Many factors must be considered such as the value of your assets, your age, health and marital status. Do you have minor or disabled children who you need to provide for?

Our approach is to sit down with each client and clearly identify their objectives, so that we can create an estate plan to effectively meet those objectives. Drafting a plan that is right for your particular set of circumstances is important, and can be accomplished by contacting The The Jones Law Firm.


Proper estate administration is essential to effectively carry out the wishes of your deceased loved ones. There is a common misconception that probate is an expensive process that will take years to complete. This is simply not the case. Probate in Georgia is a time proven system of checks and balances that provides for the orderly distribution of a decedent’s assets, while insuring that all final debts and financial responsibilities are resolved.

Whether a decedent passed with or without a will, the probate process begins by filing a Petition for Probate and concludes with a final accounting. The The Jones Law Firm has extensive experience handling the many of aspects of estate administration from start to finish.